Some common appliance issues we see

What's that noise?

removing parts and inspecting an appliance is critical to identifying and resolving a noise issue.

Sometimes a sound is steady, or can come and go. Appliances noises can be frustrating and their origins elusive. When considering the issue let's look for some obvious culprits first. Is the appliance level? Even slightly unbalanced appliances make abnormal sounds. Is the appliance "overloaded"? Keep in mind the limits of your household appliances. Laundry equipment with too much weight in it, or a dishwasher with too many dishes in it can make abnormal sounds. 

Another common cause of noise is something is lodged in, or creating interference inside a pump, or near  rotating mass like a dryer or washer drum. We can often fix a noise complaint easily, and at low cost. Resolving your appliance noise issue involves careful evaluation and sometimes dismantling the appliances to determine the causes. 

Please don't give up on an appliance because of an annoying sound! Give us a call and we will take the time to figure out the cause, and repair the problem with a permanent solution! 

My appliance stinks!

Food and organics can build up and get trapped in washing appliances which causes smells, odors.

Appliances can stink! They do clean organic material from clothing and food from your dishes, after all. Many people do not ever sanitize their laundry equipment, or their dishwasher, and they should. 

There are several parts of these appliances that never see the light of day, and over time can build up residue invisible to you. This can compound with heat and humidity, and you have a situation where you may be calling a repair company. 

As a first treatment for an appliance odor problem, try an over the counter appliance cleaning agent. We have had good luck with this protocol for washing machines and dishwashers. Remember you may need to perform more than one cleaning if their has been many years of "build up" accumulating inside your machine. 

If the problem persists you can give us a call and we can dismantle and carefully clean the components we know are often the culprits of offensive and lingering odors in your household appliance. 

Regular cleaning and treatments for laundry and dish-washing equipment is the best way to mitigate a hard to resolve issue. 

My Dryer takes forever to dry.

Dryers use a lot of air in drying clothes. Keeping vents clean and lint screens clean is critical.

This is a very common complaint! The cause can be several issues. Often, it is lack of maintenance of the dryer exhaust vent itself. People do not realize just how much air is pulled through your dryer, in order to remove so much moisture from your clothing! It requires a lot of air-flow volume to remove all that water. 

We suggest that if you are opening your dryer after a normal cycle, and your clothing is warm and still damp, to consider inspecting and cleaning your dryer vent for obstruction and/or reduction in airflow exhaust flow. 

If you use "dryer sheets" this can compound the problem by creating a sticky residue that builds up on the exhaust vent tubing. This residue allows small lint particles to stick to it and over time it reduces the inner diameter of your venting.  

As a matter of life safety you should have your dryer vent inspected annually for excessive build up. This can save your life! 

Please remember that the #1 cause of preventable house fires in Florida are dryer fires! 

If the dryer vent that connects from your dryer to the wall is more than 5 years old, please consider replacing it. It is an inexpensive and easy way to keep your home safe and your dryer working normally. 

Washing machine leaks

Clean your washing machine gasket to avoid leaks from the door. Also don't overload washers.

This is a common problem for front load washing machines. They have a sophisticated design which uses a "bellows" gasket to keep water in, and still give you the ability to open the floating drum, to remove or add clothing, and not get soaking wet! Keeping this natural rubber gasket clean is critical to the integrity of this gasket. Often we do not maintain this gasket, and it cracks or tears inside on a seam. This can cause a leak. 

The good news is that this is a replaceable part on most front load washing machines. It is labor intensive, but they do last a long time with regular cleaning and removal of soap and other types of residue. 

Other types of leaks can occur with top load washing machines. These include invisible hoses that fail, gaskets that can fail, as well as overloading the top load washing machine which can cause an unbalancing of the wash drum. This "open" drum design can lead to water sloshing around which can manifest as a leak below the machine; often causing panic. Don't panic. If you notice a small amount of water around the machine and after wiping it up it does not reappear; you may have just had an anomaly occurrence of water finding its way out of the drum during an agitation or spin cycle. 

If you notice a large amount of water that appears to be leaking or pumping out during different cycles; immediately turn off the machine as well as the laundry valve that controls the fresh water flow to the unit. Give us a call and we will make your repair a priority. 

Keep your loads small to medium and avoid washing large comforters, rugs, shoes, etc in your household laundry equipment. They are not designed to accommodate large, heavy, or irregular items. The laundromat or hand-washing is the best option to save the expense of a repair.

My Dishwasher is not cleaning

Do not Pre-clean the dishes! A dishwasher measures how dirty your dishes are and adjusts itself.

Many people don't realize that there is a sophisticated sensor which consists of an "electric optical eye", which actually measures the turbidity of water inside the dishwasher, during your wash cycle, in order to automate the machine; using less water and energy! Amazing! 

The old days of washing your dishes, BEFORE you wash your dishes, is over. 

Doing this pre-wash yourself may actually make your wash cycles longer, less efficient, and will wear out your dishwasher more quickly. Plus it wastes a ton of water and take extra time! 

Remember to remove large food particles, that are large enough to be composted or discarded, but to leave the dishes "dirty". This helps your high tech dishwasher to do the job as it was designed to do. You should notice good results especially if you keep the drying agent reservoir full and in use. Quality soap is also a way to achieve great results.

We have noticed an emerging issue is the use of "pods" for dishwashing. They are not meant to be "crammed" into the little soap dispensing tray with the lid on it. That dispenser is designed for your liquid/powder soap only. If you meet any resistance in closing that small lid please just put the "Pod" directly into the washing machine and it will dissolve as intended. This pressure of the "Pod" from the inside of the tray can keep it from opening. People are calling us to repair this issue and their is no fix. Just toss them in.

My fridge failed, it's 3 years old!

This is a new and disturbing trend we are seeing every single day. Beautiful, expensive, almost new refrigerators with compressor failures. 

This is now an everyday occurrence for us here in Central Florida. My customers are devastated and confused when we tell them the price to repair these issues. The issues are the quality of the mechanical components being used in every brand, but in particular the Korean manufacturers. 

My advice is to buy domestic brands if you can! They do have a better parts network, seem to have less failure rates, and we can perform repairs at lower cost than some of the imported products. That being said; they have all shared components at one time or another and there is very little difference in one brand over another. We are committed to repairing your refrigeration systems whenever it is possible. The cost of new equipment and the incredible amount of waste just trashing a refrigerator creates is a great reason to explore a repair option. 

We work closely with distributors and manufacturers to report and document every premature compressor failure we encounter. Our hope is that this documentation helps them understand the gravity of the situation and causes them to evaluate supplier issues that are clearly making themselves known in our local area. 

Thank you for trusting us with your refrigerator repair.