Hot water heater repair and replacement in Orlando

Reliable keeps you in hot water...

Water heaters in Central Florida and Orlando typically are installed in your garage, or an interior closet or utility room, and work for a decade or more with almost zero attention or maintenance. Most of the water heaters Reliable services are electric and have electrodes inside of them that use resistance and high voltage and amperage to get extremely hot. These rods can become fouled over time as a result of being immersed in city or well water. This contamination is as a result of minerals and electrolysis that occurs   inside of the heating tank. This can lead to a lot of wasted electricity as the rods become less effective at transferring heat to the water! 

We also frequently see leaks from the drain located at the bottom of the heater tank. This is as a result of lack of use of the maintenance and drain valve. A water heater should be purged and drained annually. This is done to remove sediments that build up in the bottom of the tank and these water contaminants can create excessive corrosion issues leading to premature failure of the water heater.

If you suspect your water heater is not heating water as well as it once did, please give us a call. 

We can service, repair, or replace your water heater at a lower cost than any big box store! 

We also perform insulation services around your water heater to save you money, every day. 

We simply can't live without hot water here in Central Florida and Reliable has been serving you in your home for generations. Trust us with your water heater repair here in Orlando. Thank you! 

Please Be Safe...

NEVER attempt to access the electrical connections on your water heater! Dangerous voltage and amperage resides in your electric water heater. Never attempt to move your hot water heater, even thought it appears to be move-able. It is fixed to the space with rigid plumbing, if it were to leak, could burn someone badly and causing serious and rapid flooding. Make note of where the shut-offs are for your hot water heater so you can take action in the event of a sudden leak. 

Be aware that the water heater may not have shut-off valve(s), and that the only way to stop a leak is to shut the water off to the entire house.  Knowing this ahead of time can save you from having to contend with a possible disaster.


Water heaters here in Orlando need service and repair from time to time. Don't trash it, fix it!

Water heaters here in Orlando need service and repair from time to time. Don't trash it, fix it!