Microwave repair is fixing and recycling here in Orlando and Central Florida. High quality services.

Reliable Microwave Repair

Quality micro-wave technology...Why not repair?

Yet another appliance that is becoming increasingly disposable. It does not have to be! 

We repair and service microwaves every single day here in Orlando, and Central Florida. Increasingly people are becoming more aware of just how wasteful discarding a precision appliances really is. We have the ability to repair both in our shop, here in Orlando, as well as in the field. We use only OEM quality manufacturer sourced components and offer a one year warranty on all repair parts. Please consider repair over replacement of your micro-wave appliance technology. We can make it quick and affordable to get your cooking technology up and running again.  

Please Stay Safe:

NEVER attempt a self repair or even diagnosis of a microwave. DO NOT open the cabinet or any part of the microwave, even if it is unplugged. Microwaves can store incredible amounts of energy, which can discharge without warning. Only allow a qualified, trained technician to servie your microwave. 

How does a microwave work?

Every wonder how it really works? It is actually amazing! I have shown my customers the inside of their microwave and they are just amazed at the technology. Microwaves contain precious metals that should always be recycled! 

how microwaves work