Careers in appliance repair service are growing as integrated home technologies include appliances.

Why should I consider a career in appliance repair?

Earn while you learn at Reliable Appliance Repair

The simple fact is that most people in the United States, and around the world, use household appliances. There is an installed based of a Billion of them in the U.S.A alone. No class of consumer product, aside from light-bulbs, is quite as prolific as consumer "whitegoods" in your home. I am asking you to consider earning while you learn at Reliable Appliance Repair. Read more to learn why this career may make sense for you.

Who is going to fix all this stuff?

At the same time that the world is purchasing more appliances, more sophisticated household technologies; we also have contracting trade career interests on the part of job seekers. This is a big problem for consumers, job seekers, manufacturers, and our environment! We simply can't afford, as a global community, to discard appliances when they break. Someone needs to repair them and keep them in service. Without a well developed, capable and stable appliance repair trade, we have a global catastrophe in the making. One of the "greenest" jobs in American, at this time, would be the service and repair of appliance technologies. Repairing IS recycling! 

There has never been a better time to learn a trade, and enter a retail trade sector. Why? Because you are needed, valued and you can earn as you learn! The shortage of technical skilled trade interests, on the part of a younger generations of workers, has created a massive problem for an entire industry. Appliance repair technologists ( as I call them ) are so much more than simple mechanical repair people. This trade is becoming more electronic than mechanical, and over time integrated appliances will be part of a 'Smart Hub' home concept already proliferating across America and the globe. Who will know how to troubleshoot and repair these smart home appliances? Have you ever thought of a career in IT? This is your chance! Web enabled/connected/networked appliances, some with machine vision, automated functions that use AI as part of a learning mode, and many other incredible technology advances are here today! 

Career development is something that very few small companies, and even many  very large corporations take  seriously. The vast majority of businesses in the trade vertical are simply here today, and gone tomorrow. As an old brand, we are building on the reputation and experiences of the past, while developing a high technology training and career track that includes being part of a team of professional technologists. We need YOU to meet the demands of today and the future!

So what about the pay? 

This is a great paying trade, far better than most! Starting pay for someone with a technical background, of any sort, that has the skills, aptitude and attitude of a premium service provider can make from $34,000 to $48,000 annually..To start! 

A skilled appliance repair and home integration technologist can make $52.000 - $72,000 annually. 

Please keep in mind that this is a relatively "clean" profession. You are interacting with household appliance technologies, in homes. You work primarily inside, out of the elements. Your customers are excited to have you there to fix a problem and are eager to have someone they trust in their homes. Many technicians tell me that they love the career because of the people they interface with, and serve. There is much satisfaction in helping families keep their lives running smoothly. 

In many trade verticals you are "faceless", and some people prefer that. 

You should consider the fact that in the household appliance industry you will be a welcomed solutions provider, in what is a very retail oriented environment. Good interpersonal skills and a friendly attitude are required for success. 

What sort of background do I need?

I have seen successful trade people develop out of any background. All ages can have success as well. If you generally enjoy taking things apart, evaluating an issue with a electro-mechanical white-goods, enjoy communicating and working as a team; you can be successful. 

An important note:

We have a diversity deficit in this industry as well. Women and minorities, people with disabilities, etc., are all underrepresented groups, across the spectrum of the appliance repair and service industry. I encourage you, if you are reading this, to reach out to me directly to discuss my vision for you, and the opportunity that I know exists for interested candidates in this dynamic and evolving trade. 

How can I learn more?

Just reach out to me! I would be happy to help you explore and discover if this industry, and my company, are the right fit for you. 

I am excited about the future, but I need you in it! 

My company is doing this business better, and differently. We know, from extensive market research, that people, now more than ever, need and want trusted resources in their homes to interface with technologies their lives depend on daily. 

This has created an incredible opportunity for interested people to get on board here at Reliable, and help us grow this brand and the unique client experience we offer to Central Florida. 

Thank you for considering this incredible opportunity to learn a growing trade, and earn a living. 

The future is bright and we look forward to hearing from YOU.

Statistics and information

Here you will find some important information about the Appliance Repairer labor market nationally.  Please educate yourself on this amazing career opportunity. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  

Bureau of Labor